Krisztina LĹ‘rinczi


directions - areas of coaching

Your work life

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      If you do not know how to find a way out from your workplace problems, then sometimes an external help can accelerate the way.

      I am more than happy to coach you if you want to achieve your goals quicker, if you want to solve your conflicts in a more efficient way, if you want to have better working relationships (for example with your boss, colleagues or direct reports), grow your self-esteem and assertiveness , presentations skills. You can receive support from me if you want to develop your leadership skills or negotiation techniques. Maybe you want to experience how to work better with other cultures. Or you want to manage your time and priorities better. Here we will focus only on your specific topics. In a goal-oriented and enjoyable way.

Your private life

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      If you have got your inner voice suggesting you to get some external support in your private life, contact me. The following areas show you in what fields I can offer you my help:

      developing your self-esteem, problem solving, conflict resolution, balance between work and private life, time management, communication, preparing yourself for an important conversation, decreasing stress in your life, becoming more fit and energetic, amongst others. Sometimes it is hard to formulate what the main challenge is. I am there to help you to formulate what to work on.

We can also combine the areas of private and business life that means we can work on several goals/topics in the same session depending on the complexity and your expectations from it.