Krisztina Lőrinczi


How to start?

I believe that we need to meet two criterias if we want to reach personal development. The first one is to make sure we like to be together with the person who is contributing to our personal growth and the second one is that our coach/trainer is making sure the every single moment is valuable for the person who is getting coached. My personal devotion is to help others based on creativity, empathy and passion. (You can read more about my skills and experience under "About myself")

If you decide to try a coaching session with me, just give me a call or send me an email. Then we can agree on an appointment that fits into your and my calendar.

How does the first session look like?

Coaching is useful in two ways. It helps when you want to discuss difficult but not too complex questions. An example for this could be how to spend enough quality time with my kids. In such a case one coaching session could be sufficient as well. If you want to work on more complex themes such as raising your self-esteem or having more efficient, balanced relationships (private and/or work) then I suggest to have a serie of 6-10 coaching sessions. It is ideal to meet every 2-4 weeks. This allows you to collect experience between the sessions and to reflect on the topics we discussed. If your inner voice tells you to come to see me but you cannot clearly express what your coaching goal is, I am happy to support you to get a clear view on it. (Sometimes this is the most difficult part but I am here to help you.)

One session takes 60 minutes, in case you need longer it can be extended to 90 minutes.

The coaching sessions are surrounded by highest confidentiality.

I am looking for your call or e-mail.

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  • Location of our coaching sessions:
  • Margit körút 54. or
  • Kis Rókus utca 43.
  • Phone number:
  • 06 20 9 269 100
  • Email address: