Krisztina Lőrinczi



Your coaching always offers a solution to me. This way or another things find their place. In our fast pace world it is hard to find the right solution at once, sometimes it feels it is impossible! Coaching can help you in such phases of your life. At the end of the sessions I can see clearer, everything seems to be easier! You can count on a good coach always and in every regard. ...and Kriszta is like that!:)

Zsuzsa Sz.

I really enjoyed the Coaching session of Kriszta. Even though I tried to change the topic and to swim around in my thoughts, she kept them on track. She directs me towards my own solution in an assertive but gentle way. At the end of the session I "receive" tangible tools that give me the feeling of relief in any kind of situation.

Krisztina Szeder-Szabó

…at the end I always recognise that we all have got our own answers to our own questions that we raise to ourselves on our own path of life. …it is not always easy to listen to our own inner voice…coaching is a wonderful tool that helps us to find our real self, it guides us through our own obstacles with love and care and leads us to our own most honest solutions…


In you I met a Coach that armed me with high level skills that I can use in my daily life. It strengthened my emotional intelligence in order to be able to face difficulties both in my private and business life in an assertive and positive way. Through the coaching process an old philosophy of mine gained on weight again: "Do. Or do not. There is no try" (Yoda).


I arrived to Kriszta as an experienced leader. As a manager we always experience challenges and we have to have solutions to them. I also had them. What I didn’t have was the fine-tuned, clear way. With Kris’ help I could recognize a precise path that I could start using in the practice immediately. These methods are available to me also now after finishing the coaching work with her. I can always reach back to them whenever I need them. I am thanking her also this way for her approach and support.

Balázs K. - sales manager

Coaching is for me a support that helps me to overcome difficulties through learning what matters. It also grows my self-esteem and that helps me to experience life in a more positive way!


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